Why did you choose to become

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Tough Interview Question - Why did you choose this career?

There really needs to be a support group for foreign marriages. Why the interviewer is asking this question: Saying this opens the way for talking about why the others feel the way they do.

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A question about why you chose to become a teacher will no doubt be on your interviewer's list. Most likely, every person interviewed for a teaching position will have a different answer to this question. That's to be expected as your career path is a personal one.

Because there are so many factors that go into choosing a career, you can answer this question in a variety of ways. When preparing an answer, try to include the reasons the work interests you as well as what strengths you possess that make you an excellent nurse, and the best candidate for the job.

Aug 15,  · Iceland has almost eliminated Down syndrome by aborting virtually percent of fetuses that test positive. I think you should visit Iceland or read more carefully about the country before you make a broad generalization about it.

Hay farming is one of the biggest local crops next to potatoes, beets, and carrots. After all, why would you apply for this job if you can’t find any reason why you like it? Stating the reasons you want to become a teacher (or any other profession) means talking about your passion.

Five top reasons people become teachers – and why they quit

You don’t really have to construct a complicated answer; you just have to .

Why did you choose to become
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