Matchmaking table 811

We would like to call on the Mother of the Bride, Dr. Bride throws the bouquet and the ladies tries to catch it. Wendell is lucky to have found such a wonderful gal to share his life with.

Everyone let us all stand and raise your glasses and join me in toasting Wendell and Ivy. At this point we would like to request all the single ladies to please come forward for the bouquet throw. So there you have it ladies and gentleman. Nicolas Auman for the fruits.

Matchmaking Changes in Update 11

For tonight marks the beginning of their new life together. Best Man still raising his glass and addresses the guests as he speaks Well Wishes from Family and Friends It is said that our parents are our first teachers having raised us patiently from childhood to adulthood.

The First Dance is symbolic of the consummation of their wedding vows. Thank you Wendell and Ivy, Let us once again give them a big round of applause.

Emcee waits for the gentlemn to give the kiss and thanks the pair. At this point the newlyweds would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone personally for your presence.

The gown is an adapted design of Titania from Rivendell Bridal. Everyone makes a toasts and drinks from their glasses Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you may now be seated. Let us give him a big hand.

Let us now do the countdown. Madam, thank you for your generosity Ms.

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Patrick Martin to say the grace before meals. Nicolas Auman to say a few words of wisdom to our newlyweds. Heidi Doncillo to say a few words of wisdom and Best Wished to our newlyweds Dr. God bless and Goodnight to each and everyone. Rowena Vercide and Mr. Heidi Doncillo-Centenera comes forward to convey her Best Wishes to the newlyweds Thank you so much Madam for that inspiring message.

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Pulpit Furniture - 810 Series

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A sample master of ceremonies script for the MC (emcee) or dj during the wedding reception. A wedding reception program to ensure the timing of the wedding reception order of events.

Matchmaking table 811
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Wedding Reception Program - Emcee Sample Script