Explain the agreed way of working with management with anti discriminatory practice

I provide the best possible care that I can give to the service users and their families, I communicate effectively.

Equal Opportunities and Anti Discriminatory Practice Policy Essay Sample

As a health care provider you should be trained enough to deal with conflicts. General social care council The general social care council registers social care workers and regulates their conduct and training. For example if there are elderly people who are under care, there has to be a way of implementing the services to them so that they may not feel discriminated.

It is their duty to try and make the service users feel comfortable in situations like that for example by giving them a different experience in the hospital than they had before in order for them to gain new and better memories.

Your assessor will keep your paperwork for our records but you will be supplied with a copy soon after for your personal development and to enable you to prepare for any re-assessments.

For example at Magic Nursery, the employer has some procedures for safeguarding the children and the staff, stuck on the walls and on the boards in the staff room.

As a service users or member of the public the code will help you to understand how social care workers should behave towards you and how social care workers should support social care workers to do their jobs.

Explain the agreed ways of working with your employer...?

Once you have completed the workbook, then you will need to contact your Regional Trainer who will explain what needs to be done next.

And this can make hospital checkups difficult. The home may not be efficient and could possible fall below standards set by the company or other governing bodies such as the Care Quality Commission. This is why there is this code of practice in order to promote anti —discriminatory practice.

This means that every individual under care will have their rights respected and not discriminated because of their differences. Main organisation this will either be the organisation the Learner is employed by or, if the Learner is not currently employed, an organisation they are familiar with: The basic element of care was neglected.

It is very important to know that each person understands what is happening to them and what they need to do to ensure that their health is properly looked after.

It enables them to exercise their rights. If the manager feels the grievance is serious enough or if you are not happy with the outcome of an informal meeting then a formal procedure can be taken.

These charters are written by the care providers and read by anyone who implements and receives care. This promotes anti-discriminatory practice as all the staff members will know what is expected of them when caring for the children.

Even if they need an advocate they still need to make their own decisions and an advocate is only there to speak on their behalf.

C career pathway I started my career pathway by applying for my job as a health care assistant, I then got offered to do my nvq 3, which has provided me with extra knowledge for my current job role.

Staff development promotes anti-discrimination as all the care providers are taught about how to care for individuals with fairness and the importance of valuing each individual and because of the work practices staff are well aware of the consequences of jeopardising care.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Task B - Explain Agreed Ways of Workingwith Your Employer in Relation to the Following Acts." from Anti Essays, your source for 4/5(1). Anti-discriminatory practice. Closely allied to Inclusion is the need for anti-discriminatory practice.

Agreed Ways of Working Essay

Discrimination is often the underlying cause behind lack of inclusion. It means treating a person or group unfairly because of a particular characteristic, such as gender, disability, age, ethnic origin, skin colour, nationality, sexuality and/or religious belief. LASS are committed to ensuring that anti-discriminatory practice is promoted throughout the organisation.

The organisation aims to develop employees and volunteers to become fully sensitive to the culture, race, gender. It may cover areas such as: • data protection • grievance procedures • conflict management • anti-discriminatory practice • equality & diversity • health and safety Sources and types of information and advice – this should be internal and external where appropriate and should include details of Access to Work and Additional Learning Support.

Conflict Management - This service considers that staff should Show More. Submitted by: justjulz90 Understand Agreed Ways Of Working That Explain The Way In Which The Australian Agreed Ways Of Working; Explain Agreed Ways of Workingwith Your Employer in Relation to the Following Acts/5(1).

health and social care- unit 2 study guide by lucy_hunter1 includes 66 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. -anti-discriminatory practise -following agreed ways of working-training and professional development for staff. why is applying best practise important.

Explain the agreed way of working with management with anti discriminatory practice
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Equal Opportunities and Anti Discriminatory Practice Policy | Essay Example